"It's My Very Own" Bags of Love

It's My Very Own Bags of Love prepares bags and backpacks that are designed to help ease the transition of children in Weld County, Colorado, who have been removed from their homes. We give them something that they can call their very own.

When a child is removed from his or her home by our local child protection service they often aren't able to take anything with them but the clothes they're wearing.

Doreen Towey
Doreen Towey packs a Bag of Love

My Bag of Love organization is a community of people who are committed to working with local groups and individuals to provide for the immediate needs of children who are being removed from their homes by child protection services.

From our facility in Frederick, Colorado, we assemble eight Bags of Love each month and give them to the Department of Human Services in Greeley, Colorado — the agency that is responsible for relocating children from their homes in Weld County when their parents or guardians can't take care of them, and in cases of abuse or neglect.

We want to acknowledge the work of Ruth and Joe Akins who started this project in 2003 and the time and effort they underwent to have the Bags of Love working full time by 2004.

Joe died in January 2014 and Ruth is now retired and in assisted living. We miss them both very much but we value their spirit of caring for children they have left with us.

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"It's My Very Own" Bag of Love
Weld County, Colorado