Photo Gallery

Mary Regis Leahy, R.S.M.
Sister Mary Regis Leahy, R.S.M., a Sister of Mercy of the Americas,
is our guiding light and quality control person.

Flo and Bob Vos and Doreen Towey
Flo and Bob Vos and Doreen Towey volunteer each month to stuff Bags
and they also buy materials that go inside the bags and backpacks.

Marcia Munoz
Volunteer Marcia Munoz can't help playing with one of the stuffed animals
while she's assembling a Bag of Love.

Sally Carrera
Volunteer Sally Carrera brings in donations, assembles the pencil bag supplies,
updates contact and donor lists, and delivers assembled Bags to Greeley.

Heather Walker
Heather Walker — Child Welfare Division Head, Weld County, Greeley, Colorado — receiving filled bags.

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"It's My Very Own" Bag of Love
Weld County, Colorado